Our mission is to enhance and retain the value of real estate assets for owners through efficient operations, fiscal responsibility, and accurate reporting while providing superior locations for residents to live and businesses to work. 

The Brookwood Way

Whether involving apartments, real estate, commercial or residential property, The Brookwood Way is to offer safe, comfortable and convenient places that Northeastern Ohio residents will be proud to call work or home.

Our Team

Bill Lemmon, CEO, Brookwood Management

Bill Lemmon

Dan DeHoff, President, Brookwood Management

Dan DeHoff

Tony Perez, Vice President, Brookwood Management

Tony Perez

Vice President
Carla Frank, CFO, Brookwood Management

Carla Frank, CPA

Rich Costin, Director of Property Management, Brookwood Management

Rich Costin

Director of Property Management
Robin Lantzer, Assistant Director of Property Management, Brookwood Management

Robin Lantzer

Assistant Director of Property Management

Liz Mayer

Terri Baus, Assistant Controller, Brookwood Management

Terri Baus

Assistant Controller
Kent Schaffner, Maintenance Manager, Brookwood Management

Kent Schaffner

Maintenance Manager
Ben Boyd, Property Manager, Brookwood Management

Ben Boyd

Property Manager
Amy Lowry, Property Manager, Brookwood Management

Amy Lowry

Property Manager
Paula Michael, Property Manager, Brookwood Management

Paula Michael

Property Manager
Karrie Risher, Property Manager, Brookwood Management

Karrie Risher

Property Manager
Wendy Rock, Property Manager, Brookwood Management

Wendy Rock

Property Manager